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A unique moment

An historic day as the first African American is sworn in as President of the United States. But this is not the unique moment I am referring to. Before he spoke, before he was sworn in, Pastor Rick Warren began the ceremony with a prayer – a great prayer reminding us of God’s actions throughout history. A cracking prayer:

Then he led the world in saying the words of the prayer that Jesus prayed, and the words he taught us to pray. The Lord’s prayer which acknowledges God’s Sovereignty, asks for His kingdom to come into the world, and calls  for each person to recognise their place in that by turning away from evil, asking for forgiveness and offering it to others.

As Rick Warren led this prayer at the beginning of the ceremony which was being beamed around the world watched by probably hundreds of millions of people, many of them praying along with him, I wondered, was this the moment in history when more people were praying this for God’s Kingdom at the same time than at any other moment in history. Powerful stuff.