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My top posts of the year.

blogger registration plate numberAt the end of another year, it’s time for another review. According to the wordpress software, This blog had 18000 hits in 2012. Top hits continue to be older posts and simply reflect the most searched-for terms on search-engines: The Best Caramel Shortbread from 2008, footballers Lucio and Kaka show their faith from 2010, and You can’t help who you fall in love with – a reaction to a news story in 2009.

Of the posts I wrote this year, here are the six most popular:

1. Am I  Coward? My Reaction to Mark Driscoll’s comments.  Early in the year American mega-church pastor Mark Driscoll angered Brits by saying that there were no good young well-known Bible teachers in the UK who were preaching the truth of the gospel. This caused a furore and my thoughts were written up here.

2. The Power of ‘lol’ *wow* and ‘hun’. A five-minute pice on the use of shorthand to express emotion on social networks.

3. Praying for Fabrice Muamba. In March, Bolton Wanderers footballer Fabrice Muamba collapsed on the pitch during a game with Spurs suffering with a cardiac arrest. His heart stopped beating and doctors claim he was technically dead for 78 minutes. He has since made a full recovery, but has had to retire from professional sport.

4. A good Quote from Mark Driscoll on Manhood found whilst I was researching a talk on the topic.

5. Whilst writing a sermon on the atonement I was reminded of a passage I read from the U2 frontman in the book, Bono on Bono: Bono on Grace and Karma.

6. Some thoughts about risk following a nurses revelation of the top five regrets of the dying: When is a risk worth taking.


Collect based on Acts 19

Father God,
You sent you Holy Spirit upon the earliest believers
And by the name of Jesus, demonstrated your power over all other powers,
Give us the confidence of your Spirit, to stand against evil in our present times and witness to the name of Jesus in our lives,
Who, in the unity of the Holy Trinity lives and reigns at your side.