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Scheduling the Unexpected

Useful article from CJ Mahaney on prioritising in ministry/leadership, which may invove saying no to things and delegating but certainly invovles knowing what God has called you for and gifted you to.

First, it is important to understand our roles, goals, and schedules before we discuss responding to unanticipated requests. Often the procrastinator fails to work from biblical roles to establish his schedule, and is therefore vulnerable to the urgent. So he defaults to the most recent—or easiest—request. He neglects the important tasks and is governed by the urgent and the easy. He is busy, busy, busy, but he is not diligent, faithful, or fruitful.

via Scheduling the Unexpected.


Domesticated God

Another great quote from the bishop of Oxford.

Perhaps we too have domesticated God into the Church’s possession, our own deity who we occasionally share with the world on a good day with a following wind. The God of Scripture will have none of it. Either God is the centre and source of all life, or he’s still an idol, the God before God before God. We may say we worship the one true God while actually our commitment is to a God who thinks like us, votes like us, condemns the people we condemn, and doesn’t ask any awkward questions about how we spend our money, our time, and our compassion. God shares his centrality with no-one, because he shares his love with everyone. There is no inch of this earth, and no activity of humankind, of which Jesus Christ does not say, ‘This is mine’.

John Pritchard, in the Life and Work of a Priest.

Church Leadership

“The only demarkation amongst the people of God is that of function, not position. If my role is that of a leader in the local church, then I am a gospel minister using my gift to serve God’s people. But whatever my role, I am still a gospel minister using my gift to serve God’s people. A leader is not a ‘special’ case : he is a servant of the gospel among gospel servants; a brother among his brothers and sisters.” Steve Timmis and Tim Chester