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Is Disney’s Cars discriminatory?

It’s Five minute Friday again!


In our household we have a two-and-a-half  year-old. He likes cars. Any sort of vehicle in fact, so long as it has wheels. And, of course, he loves the Cars 2 movie that we got him for Christmas on DVD. I liked it too, except for the fact that it is often on two or three times a week.

If you haven’t seen the movie (and you should, it’s fun), the Cars 2 world is one in which the world is inhabited by vehicles, not humans – they are characters in themselves, who talk, think, make friendships and go on adventures. It was pure genius from Disney to put eyes on vehicles, if you ask my opinion.

Anyway, the thing about this world is that each car is a specific kind of vehicle. Some are tow trucks, some are race cars, some are Fiat 500s, others are forklifts trucks etc. It struck me the other day whilst watching the scene at the airport, that these characters are born to do a particular thing. The tow truck cannot be a race car. The airport baggage van cannot be an MPV. They are stuck inhabiting the metal body that they have been given, with all it’s benefits and limitations.

Isn’t this discriminatory? Well, no. We are commonly told that ‘you can be whatever you want to be, if you only put your mind to it?’. But this simply isn’t true. Each one of us is born with particular aptitudes, talents and a particular character. Yes, some things can be learned with practice, but for example, given my eye-foot co-ordination, there is no way I was going to be a premiership footballer. Similarly my poor eyesight (genetically passed down to me) prevents me from being a fighter pilot. There are some things which are simply not open to all of us.

Yet God has given us particular skills and talents – the Bible calls these gifts. Surely, then, the point of life is to find out what these are and start doing them for God. Using these gifts helps us find the place where we fit and will therefore be most fulfilled.

So, in the end, our world is a bit like the world of cars. I’m not going to be a race car. I should embrace that and find out who I am.


9 minutes. better than last week.


Lada making a UK comeback?

The BBC magazine asks if the car brand Lada can make a comeback in the UK in the current era, given that now, more than ever, you are what you buy. One interesting quote:

Bayley believes the relative popularity of the Lada in the UK was down to two things – first, the car’s robustness and longevity; and second, the fact that owning one of these fairly drab, rudimentary vehicles from the East allowed one to wriggle free from the consumerist pressure to buy a big flash car in order to show off.

“Car ownership is all about cultural modelling and making a display, it is all about buying a vehicle that apparently says something important about your identity. The great thing about the Lada is that you could free yourself from all of that.

via BBC News – Can the Lada make a British comeback?.

Perhaps it could be a way around consumerism. A brand for those who don’t want to be branded. But, I guess, by saying that, it becomes an identity marker just like every other.