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I’ve just had a lovely 3 day retreat in the tranquil surroundings of buckfast abbey. The quiet was wonderful as I was able to get away from the pressures of a busy church and relax, read, pray, and enjoy the good weather, home cooked food, and beautiful surroundings.

In a chapel at the back of the abbey is a quiet space with the most amazing stained glass window – probably my favourite anywhere. It was put in by a monk who learned how to be a glass worker. But the reason I like it is the image of Jesus that it portrays – Jesus stading over the communion table as the giver and centre of the eucharistic family meal.

This window is directly behind the actual communion table in the chapel, so it looks like Jesus is the presider. You cannot even sit in that chapel without realising that it is he who breaks the bread and shares the wine and distribute it to us. I spent a qhile just sitting and meditating on the gift of God in Jesus. He is, after all, Emanuel – God With Us.