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Barnsley defender Bobby Hassell on his faith.

Barnsley defender Bobby Hassell talks about his Christian faith with Inspire magazine. He became a Christian in 2009 after saying that he felt empty inside, despite a good marriage and football career.

I started praying again [after about 5 years] and reading the Bible again, and six weeks later I told God that if he was real I wanted him to be a part of my life. Two days later the chaplain came into the club and said he was doing a Bible study and I went. I began to understand Jesus and realised that being a Christian isn’t about having a boring life but about living life and living it abundantly, as Jesus said. I had sudden peace come over me and I can’t explain the joy and freedom I felt.

I have always had a horrendous temper and everyone thought I would end up in prison when I was younger. But that aggression went instantly – it had to have been God.”