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…and I’m a PC


Interesting that Microsoft have taken the negative, slightly mocking slogan used by Apple in their “I’m a Mac” adverts and turned it into something more positive. I saw this banner advert whilst logging onto my hotmail email account (which I tend to use only for spam). Clicking on the banner takes you to a site which lets you pick what sort of Windows platform might suit you best.

A few years ago Volkswagen cars bought the Czech Skoda brand, recognised in Eastern Europe but ridiculed accross Western Europe. They sold cheap, ugly cars, made from cheap materials which break quickly. With such a bad brand reputation, surely, the best thing to do in Western Europe would be to scrap the brand nd intorduce a new one? But no, VW quickly increased the quality of Skoda cars to match VW themselves, and cleverly introduced an advertising slogan which turned the brand reputation on its head. The adverts showed people seeing the cars and not believing they were really Skodas. The tag line was “It’s a Skoda. Honest”  One advert even suggested that they had put the wrong badge on the front of the car. Anyway, the perception of the brand quickly changed and they are now known for producing quality cars at more affordable prices than VW.

I wonder if the Microsoft adverts will have the same effect.