I am an Anglican minister, currently teaching mission and pioneering to ministers in training at the theological college, Cranmer Hall, part of the University of Durham. Previously I was pioneer ministry to new-build developments on the edge of Northampton, UK, between 2010 and 2015 where I engaged in community activities resulting in the establishment of a new fresh expression of church. Before that, I was curate at a city centre church in Plymouth, UK. This blog is simply my vehicle for thinking through matters of life and faith, and for posting interesting thoughts or funny tidbits found elsewhere. I don’t pretend that they are complete thoughts,  merely the beginnings of going deeper.

I have another blog in which I wrote about issues directly concerning my role as a Pioneer Minister tasked with beginning Fresh Expressions of church in Northampton, which I still occasionally post to.

My interests and past times include (in no particular order) playing and watching football, running, reading contemporary fiction, playing the piano, watching movies, and spending time with my wife and young family.


8 thoughts on “About”

  1. Commenting on post “Church Welcoming”
    Having moved to a new area, on my first Sunday I attended an Anglican church. I was met enthusiastically by the apointed ‘welcome person’ as I approached but during the peace was ignored completely while those around greeted their friends. Afterwards at coffe I was again ignored.

    Churches with welcome teams must ensure the whole congregation is on the lookout for newcomners,not just the welcome team.

    Currently I am wrting an MA dissertation on the spirituality of those who do not go to church and looking especially at why people leave church!

  2. Hey Andrew,
    I have you on my blogroll. I was looking through yours and realized your a Geordie fan! Besides the ministry that’s something else we have in common. I’m hoping against hope we don’t get relegated.

  3. Hey Andrew,
    Hope you had a great Sunday. Ours is just beginning. Can’t wait to worship.
    Went to a AC Milan/Chelsea game on Friday night. Wore my #9 Shearer home jersey. Boy did I get ribbed by some of the fans.
    The game was in Baltimore and sold out 71,203 in attendance.

  4. I keep getting mocked by my colleagues at church. Still, will be able to see Newcastle play in Plymouth next season – something I never expected!

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