frozenDisney’s latest animated musical offering, Frozen, has been well-spoken of since it first came out before Christmas. I started watching the movie on a transatlantic flight, but unfortunately the plan landed before I could see the end. With the DVD release, both me (and my children) were able to find out what happened. It gave us a few surprises. Some plot spoilers follow.

Why I liked it:

1. Disney has gone back to their best with a great story interspersed with songs that you will keep singing around your house, and in your car for days after you hear them.

2. It contains a loveable reindeer and a talking snowman.

3. The movie depicts strong capable women who aren’t afraid to be who they need to be. They aren’t waiting around for a man before their life can begin. When Anna sees a problem which needs addressing, she goes off to sort it (dragging Kirstoff behind in her wake)

4. The storyline gears up for the day being saved and the curse being lifted by an act of true love, which we are led to believe will be ‘true love’s kiss’ – like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty etc. etc. etc. With two leading men and two leading women (sisters) in the plot you are left guessing who is going to end up with whom. But the ending is so much better than that. The act of love which breaks the curse is self-sacrificial sisterly love which Anna shows for Elsa.

5. Near the beginning of the movie Elsa forbids Anna from marrying Prince Hans, whom she has just met that day at a ball. This leads to the sisters falling out, but it is good advice. You cannot marry someone you’ve just met. And the guy in question turns out at the end of the movie to be a little bit nasty.

6. It is a story of salvation, redemption, and forgiveness. The character of Kristoff (the ice trader) exhibits a lot of these, putting himself out to protect Anna, but ultimately it is Anna who saves Elsa (and the kingdom) in giving her life. Now if I could only think of another story which has such themes? Hmmmm.

7. Love Conquers death. As mentioned earlier the love is a self-sacrificial and sisterly love. It has appeared that this act of love was the end of Anna’s life, but like many great stories (and the greatest story), love is stronger than that. Life wins.

8. It has inspired a whole load of youtube parodies like this:

and this:

and definitely this:


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