The Compassion Quest


Having just finished Trystan Hughes’ book, The Compassion Quest, (and a series of blog posts inspired by the same), I thought I’d share a couple of quotes from the epilogue which sum the whole book up.

The thesis of the book is that  God’s compassion is integral to the world. We are all much more interconnected, to our environment and to each other, than we often realise. Recognising the extent of our interconnectedness is to see God’s image in one another, and God’s hand in the world. Often, we, as Christians, either get hung up on trying to convince others of our beliefs or attempt to live them out in a vacuum, whereas the imperative that comes out of the greatest commandments is to live a life of compassion.

The challenge in our often cynical wold is not to concentrate on persuading people about ‘the truth’ or our dogmas, but to live out that very truth in our everyday lives.

We need, then, to cultivate an awareness and an attentiveness to the world around us, by opening our eyes, ears and hearts to opportunities where we can bring compassion to events and situations – to feed the hungry, visit the sick or imprisoned, sit and talk with the lonely, speak for those with no voice, defend the defenceless and care for our surroundings.


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