cross hearing godContinuing into Hebrews 4, the emphasis is clear. If we hear God speak ‘Today’, we should act:

Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts as you did in the rebellion (Heb 3:15)

There are all sorts of reasons for procrastinating. I have done it myself many times. We may not understand fully. We may not see the whole perspective. We may have perfectly good questions or observations about something or somebody else that is stopping us in our tracks: “What about suffering?” “Why did you let my friend die?” “Why don’t you do something about poverty?” Or, if we are being called to do something in particular “Why don’t you ask someone else?”

During the time the Israelites spent with Moses in the wilderness, several spies were sent ahead of the group into the promised land to see what the current inhabitants were like. “They’re too big”, they said. “They would surely overpower us!” They had forgotten about God’s instructions and indeed, his promise that he would be with them every step of the way. The result for their lack of faith? – Forty more years in the wilderness.

When God speaks, it is usually with good reason. Hardening our hearts just gives us the practice of ignoring him, so it is a little easier to ignore him the next time, and the time after that.

What is God asking of you at the moment? What is your reaction?


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