Goals, goals, goals – success and failure

For the last of the #lentphotos, the theme is Loss. What sprung to mind was the moment when you realise that, suddenly, all hope is gone. There is no way back. Does anyone remember John Terry’s reaction after his team were pipped to the Champion’s League title by Man Utd, on penalites? Terry missed one of the penalties.

So my last lent photo is not taken by me, but here are my reflections on it from the time: Success and Failure. His actions speak from the depths of despair.

Also see some quotes from him a few days later. I wonder if this penalty haunts him again since he wasn’t able to play in the victorious team of 2012?

This post was from the Lent Photos series, from Day 40: Loss.

John Terry crying


This was the final moment of the season. The moment the whole season had been building up to. Chelsea had already lost the League Cup and the Premiership in the final moments, now was the pick of the three. The most important.

1-1 after extra time. Onto penalties, Man Utd had missed one of theirs. It comes to the last penalty. John Terry steps up. All he had to do was score, and Chelsea would win the Champions League, the pinnacle of European club competition.

As he stepped up to the ball, he slipped and missed. Man Utd were back in the hunt, and would go on to win.

After the game, John Terry cried. I don’t just mean that he was sad at not winning. He was inconsolable. For 10 or 15 minutes, as the rain pelted down around him, he couldn’t look anyone else in the eye. He…

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