The air is all around. We know it’s there. It sustains us, revives us, enables us to keep on living. But it is only sometimes when we are aware of its presence, such as a cool breeze on a hot day, or a stiff wind chilling us to our bones. Very occasionally, we can see it, when the clouds seem to descend upon us in a mist. We can see the thing that keeps us alive.

The Spirit is all around us. We can know he is there. Usually he is imperceptible. Occasionally the winds of refreshment, revival, or encouragement can be felt, or his effects can be seen. But he is around us, always, just like the air.

This post was the third in the Lent Photos series, from Day:29 Spirit.


3 thoughts on “Spirit.”

    1. Thanks. I’m not happy with the words he or she either, but I certainly don’t want to call the Spirit ‘it’, and our English language is limited in this respect!

  1. Do think that she for the Holy Spirit is a little more accurate than he when you look at the Greek and Hebrew – Latin seems to give us he though! If humans are made in image of God, male and female, then for me using a female pronoun for one of the Trinity is more helpful as a woman!

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