IMG_0903This should be a focus.

This is the centre of our development. The clock tower at the back is one of only two points on the Northampton skyline easily visible as you drive past (the other being the national lift tower). At the front we have  a derelict house formerly occupied by a surgeon at the St Crispin’s Asylum. Built by the Victorians to care for the mentally ill, it was decommissioned in the mid-1990’s and has fallen quite quickly into disrepair. Behind the clock tower are the remains of a concert hall which was the focus for the social life of the Hospital. The hall was ravaged by fire about ten years ago.

There are plans that these buildings will be renovated and turned into luxury apartments. One wing of the hospital was completed several years ago, and, after a four-year hiatus, work recommenced by a different building firm in 2011 on the other parts. They will get to this part, eventually, and then the hall will take it’s place once again as a focus for community events, and the clock tower will stand out proudly once again.

This post was the third in the Lent Photos series, from Day:8 Focus.


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