Sir Bobby Robson’s Memorial Sermon

Sir Bobby Robson would have been 80 today if he was still alive. Here’s what was said about him at his funeral in September 2009.


bobbr robsonA paraphrase of the sermon given at Sir Bobby Robson’s memorial service, held at Durham Cathedral on 21st Sept 2009, given by the Dean of Durham Cathedral.


Bobby’s working life began in darkness, as a young boy in 1948 working down the pit. He was born into a black and white world. He went down white carrying a haversack full of his tools of the trade. He came up back into the light, black covered in dirt. On the weekend he would go with all the pilgrims to St. James’ Park to see his beloved team in black and white.

Black and White. Darkness and Light.

Bobby always had time for people, it didn’t matter who they were. His humour, life, enthusiasm marked him out as a person and his love for the game of football came through. He described his role as manager as a psychiatrist, psychologist, priest…

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