This post is in the #lentphotos series which started yesterday.

This is one of our chickens. Her name is Monica. She is a Copper-Black Marans breed and lays delicious eggs with a dark brown/marroonish coloured shell.

We have four chickens in all and last summer I spent a day building a luxurious enclosure for them all. In addition to their little house, they had a fair amount of space to run around, scratch, peck and do all sorts of things that chickens love to do. This enclosure is a place of safety, where she is given everything she needs to survive, and protection, stopping evil outside foxes from coming in. Surely there’s no reason to leave it?

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that she is not in her enclosure. Unlike the other three, Monica likes to escape. When this first happened, I went out to buy some extra netting to surround her enclosure and cut off her means of escape. Nevertheless, Monica kept on managing to find a way out. There must be an exit somewhere. One night she disappeared out of the garden and into the street. We couldn’t find her overnight and thought she was lost. Fortunately, a friendly neighbour spotted her pecking around the next afternoon. Until her exit is blocked, she will continue to escape.

Surely she is the same as me – exhausting every possible avenue to do what I want, to get my own way. Until that exit is blocked, I will keep escaping down that avenue of temptation, unless…. unless I find a compelling reason to rely on my protector in the here and now. There is a bit of Adam and Eve here.



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