How do you bring your child up as a Christian?

I’m preparing some thoughts for my first ‘new look’ baptism preparation morning on Saturday. What sort of things do you think might help your child to grow up as a Christian?

Here’s some I’ve thought of:

  1. Demonstrating a living relationship with God to them – living out your faith yourself
  2. Taking them to church. Note: if you think it’s boring, they will. Find a church you don’t think is boring and that they don’t either.
  3. Allow them to come across other role models, adult and child who have a living faith.
  4. Read the Bible and praying with them as a family.
  5. Pray for them regularly
  6. Help them discover who God made them to be

I’m sure I’ve missed some great things out. Any ideas?


2 thoughts on “How do you bring your child up as a Christian?”

  1. On the whole go to church thing….Make church a priority but dont let it hinder family time. If you are always doing things for the church and never spending time with your kids, your kids will resent the church even if they like going.

    Great post!

    1. That’s true Rory. I’ve been frustrated by the number of churches that have too many midweek groups for Christians. It means the most active Christians can be involved in the church, receiving or volunteering up to three nights a week. This not only puts pressure on family time but also on time for pursuing hobbies and making genuine friendships with non-church-goers. It’s a hindrance to the gospel if you spend all your time in church.

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