Are some things more important to us than God?

Tim Keller has challenged me this morning with the final chapter of his book, Counterfeit Gods. He asserts that all of us have idols, and the task of being a Christian is to continually plunge new depths in you heart to uncover those idols. Idols, once uprooted quickly grow back. One of the questions he suggests to help discern those idols are these: What do you end up thinking or daydreaming about when there are no other constraints on your thoughts? When there isn’t a pressing problem or issue, what occupied your mind and gives you internal comfort? These can most likely point to your idols.

Why do we fail to love of keep promises or live unselfishly?… the specific answer in any actual circumstance is that there is something you feel you must have to be happy, something that is more important to your hear that God himself. We should no like unless we first had made something – human approval, reputation, power over others, financial advantage – more important and valuable to our hearts that the grace and favor of God. The secret to change is to identify and dismantle the counterfeit gods of your heart.


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