Spiritual Aspirin

Dick Dowsett in his book about hell God, That’s Not Fair:

Too often in our evangelism today the message seems to be that Jesus is the spiritual aspirin for any type of spiritual or emotional headache you may happen to feel. It is hardly surprising that this effeminate Gospel has failed to build a manly church.


4 thoughts on “Spiritual Aspirin”

  1. I agree that evangelism has lost its way. What CT Studd used to call “neat little Biblical confectionary” leaves Christianity at the level of a spectator sport whereby Christianity is seen as only important in the context of the mega Church service or rally.
    It seems to me that the real potential of Christianity comes when it is applied to real live situations. When issues like justice, poverty, war and discrimination are tackled, Christianity then has some point to it.

    1. I agree. Faith needs to be applied to real life situations and not just spiritual experiences. Evangelism that talks only of the next life and not of this one is irrelevant to daily life, especially in the West. When we talk just about this life and not about the next, we are simply promoting a life enhancement choice, not Biblical truth. When we talk about salvation we need to talk about what we’re saved from and what we’re saved to. We’re saved from everything that is opposed to God including injustice, poverty, war, inadequacy, etc into a new kind of life. Jesus resurrection has brought this life into the present to be fulfilled in the future. Salvation is relevant to now as well as then.

  2. I think it’s an accurate assessment of the problem of “consumer” Christianity but an inaccurate labeling. It assumes feminine is being weak and undesirable while masculinity is assumed to be stronger and more desirable. Consumerism is no respecter of gender. That said I absolutely agree that we need to strive to fix attention on the Jesus that leads us into a path of suffering, service, and humility rather than comfort and wealth.

    1. Yup. the terms feminine and manly have been thought about a lot in Christian circles since this quote was written in 1982. I guess he is trying to point about that we are missing out the core of the gospel if we reduce Jesus to what he calls ‘spiritual aspirin’. A gospel without the eternity, judgement and sin is a gospel that might persuade but is likely to remain a surface faith.

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