The BHA need to understand some basic things about the census

The British Humanist Association is once again getting its knickers in a twist over the wording of the religion question on the UK Census 2011 – the question is optional. They need to understand the difference between religious affiliation and religious practice and to get used to the fact that religion is not about to be made extinct.

From the BBC today

The BHA has [once again!] complained the wording of the optional census question about religion encourages people to wrongly identify themselves as believers.

He said: “This poll is further evidence for a key message of the Census Campaign – that the data produced by the census, used by local and national government as if it indicates religious belief and belonging, is in fact highly misleading.

Misleading? Or is it? How about we ask the people who wrote the question…

The Office for National Statistics has defended the wording of the religion question.

A spokesman told the BBC: “The religion question measures the number of people who self-identify an affiliation with a religion, irrespective of the extent of their religious belief or practice.”

via BBC News – Many people ‘are not religious’, suggests survey.

Ah, that’s what the question is about. All sorted then.


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