Branded Children – an art project

Artist Dietrich Wegner has created some art. He called it “a meditation on how our identities evolve and how we declare them.” The simple concept was to place tattoos of brand logos on the babies (fake tattoos, thankfully) Here’s a few photos:

Although a legitimate comment on consumerism and how we create ourselves, I find it really quite repulsive. It is true that most people associate with particular brands – be it high street Gap-Man or designer labels. Who can think of Tiger Woods without there being a nike swoosh somewhere in the image?

But is this really where we want to go and what we want to encourage? That is what i find repulsive about it. It supposes that humans are little more than corporate bots there to declare our loyalty to created designs which, beneath the surface, don’t mean much, and to create wealth for the company shareholders. We all recoiled when the film, ‘The Matrix’ plugged us into computers to be their energy source and this art indicated that we are not much better, merely feeding a different machine. We are more than that.

As art, a well executed thought provoking piece. As a concept, repulsive.


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