Daily Mail: Premarital Abstinence leads to better marriages

Interesting article in the Daily Mail based on research done in the US – Couples who don’t have sex before marriage on average have more stable, satisfying relationships than those who don’t, and generally have better sex too.
In particular, relationship stability was rated 22 per cent higher, relationship satisfaction was 20 per cent higher, quality of sex was 15 per cent better and even communication between partners was 12 per cent better.
I guess the research was done through interviews of couples.
Mark Regnerus, author of Premarital Sex in America said: ‘Couples who hit the honeymoon too early – that is, prioritise sex promptly at the outset of a relationship – often find their relationships underdeveloped when it comes to the qualities that make relationships stable and spouses reliable and trustworthy.’

Read the whole article – Want the secret to a happy marriage? Don’t have sex before the wedding | Mail Online.

It shouldn’t be surprising that those who wait put less emphasis on the physical side of the relationship at the beginning and more time learning how to communicate and making stable foundations for the marriage. Love is a verb and we have to learn how to do it well.

H/T Peter Ould


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