Anger and Calling

For the second time in a week I have been asked questions like ‘What makes you angry?’ and ‘What stirs you up?’. Well, I’m not by nature an angry person but there are occasions when I see something and think that ‘it isn’t supposed to be like this!’ injustice and unfairness, for example.

And for the second time in a week I have been challenged to ask how our anger links to a sense of calling, that is, if it is a righteous anger.

On Friday I was on the London Underground on a Friday during working hours, which is a rare experience for me. On a crowded train (seriously, I couldn’t get on the first one), alongside thoughts of  ‘I’m glad I don’t have to do this every day’ I looked around and saw that no-one was talking to each other. Everyone was in their own private world thinking their own private thoughts or listening to iPods. No-one was making eye contact with anyone else.

On the one hand I know that this is a very British thing, being private and reserved animals we don’t talk to people we don’t know on public transport. On the other hand I was struck that it isn’t supposed to be like this. It was a community (or to be more accurate, a lack of community) which did not echo the characteristics of the God of relationship. I wasn’t angry, but struck that something was wrong. I wonder if that by staying private we are complicit in the gradual downward spiral of dysfunctional communities.

How does this link to calling or vocation? The thinking is that if we are outraged by homelessness we should be involved in homeless ministries. This is where our energy can go into and we can gain a sense of fulfillment. Our anger or passion could point towards where we should spend our time.

In which case, I guess, it is not surprising that I have found myself in a ministry that aims to draw people together and towards God.


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