Today’s underlying spirituality

I came across a quote from Caitlin Morgan in the Times from a while back (1st May 2006). She was discussing the default underlying belief system of those who say they have no faith…

“Talk to people under 50 and they all, by and large, have a religion: a consistent, recognisable set of beliefs. It’s just that it doesn’t have a name yet. It usually consists of a selection of the following: doing yoga; believing in reincarnation and karma, bit also heaven, so Nan as an and your dogs are there too; watching carols from Kin’s at Christmas; using recycled lee roll; intending to read the Koran at some point; knowing quite a lot of the score of Jesus Christ Superstar; a vague affinity with dolphins; trying not to use the word “spaz” any more; reading The Road Less Travelled; buying joss-sticks; considering colonic irrigation and/or fasting; looking for symbols of the rose on churches since reading The Da Vinci Code, buying make up not tested on animals (apart from Touche Eclat, because Boots Naturals just don’t do an equivalent); getting a bicycle; buying Fair-trade; occasionally wishing you were Jewish; never going to McDonald’s; sponsoring a child in the Third World; listening to the Bet of Cat Stevens; liking Shaker-style quilts; and not believing in a man up there with a white beard, but definitely believing that there’s some kind of global conscience, yeah”

All in all, it is a very ‘feel good’ system which doesn’t’ stand up to scrutiny but people like to believe in anyway. Just think of the finale of the TV series Lost for a demonstration of such a feel good view of heaven where you are surrounded simply by the people you love.


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