Normans Tebbit speaks about coallition

Norman Tebbit has spectacularly missed the point in his blog for the Telegraph yesterday.

And to cap it all, the leader of the party which should have walked away with a massive majority over a government whose reckless spending has landed us with Greek-style debts is engaged in talks with the losing third party over the terms on which he might be allowed to form a government.

via The Tories will lose the next election if they enter into a coalition with the tainted Lib Dems – Telegraph Blogs.

The point is that Cameron’s Conservatives did not walk away with a massive majority. The country voted and the result is a hung parliament. The country has therefore voted that it wants it’s politicians to talks to each other, there fore that is what he must do. Cameron isn’t obliged to talk to the Lib Dems, he can talk to any of the elected parties to try and form a majority if he wants. Tebbit goes on:

In my view Mr Cameron should make it plain that while he would be willing to form a government and would welcome support from any party, he would offer no hostages, nor concessions as a condition of office.

This may be what Tebbit wants him to do, but Cameron will form no alliances unless he compromises on some things. If he doesn’t want to compromise he can try and form a minority government.

The country has spoken that they do not want a single-party majority government, but wants it’s politicians to talk to each other. Therefore, Mr Tebbit, that is what they should do!

2 thoughts on “Normans Tebbit speaks about coallition”

  1. To be fair, Andrew, that’s the collective result. Each of us only got one vote, so it’s not clear that anyone wanted a coalition. It’s possible (although not likely) that 100% of the voters wanted the party they voted for to take office. What we can say is that the country is more divided than in recent elections.Of course I agree that this means to have a mandate to lead, Cons need to compromise with someone. An election like this raises the paradox of power – if you get 51% support 49% of people will be disappointed. But if we averaged the policies, we might often end up with an ineffectual amalgam, like compromising between coffee and tea and getting yuk.

  2. Hopefully they compromise on particular issues, and not try to damage every issue by turning it into something that no one wants.

    Have you finished “Surprised by Hope” yet?

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