An open letter to Cadbury’s

Dear Cadbury’s

The name of Cadbury’s is known thought the UK and the world as synonymous not only with quality confectionery but also with a deep concern for the world. It was with this concern through the Christian Quaker roots of the company that led to the formation of the town of Bourneville for Cadbury’s workers – formed with Christian principles of social justice at the centre. This was done at a time when most companies were paying very little attention to the social well-being of their workers. In 2009 I rejoiced to hear that Cadbury’s was taking it’s Christian roots and social concern seriously when it announced that Dairy Milk was to go fairtrade – the chocolate certainly tastes a lot better to me without the bitter taste of injustice!

However, I am disappointed today to see advertising for the Cadbury’s Creme egg stepping away from the Christian roots of the company. The slogan “Creme Egg season is here” is misleading. The season that is here is called Easter – it is the season that Christians, including those who began the great company of Cadbury’s, remember the death and resurrection of Jesus. It is because Jesus offers a new and transformed life to all who follow him (as your founder knew) that the symbol of the egg – which gives new life – was chosen to represent the season of Easter. Hence, the Creme Egg (and all other eggs at this time of year) are a symbol of the season – the Christian season of Easter. We enjoy eggs at this time of year only because of this.

I do hope you will consider revising your advertising to be more in keeping with the principles that Cadbury’s was founded on.

I will continue to enjoy Cadbury’s fairtrade products and I look forward to an expansion of the scheme into other product areas.

With every blessing as you celebrate Easter

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