Amos, greed and the economy

In this short piece from the London Institute of Contemprary Christianity, Margaret Killingray relates the prophecy of Amos the the present day. The West may have been sitting around in relative peace and comfort whilst there has been violence all around (Amos 1), but perhaps the global credit crunch is a natural manifestation of people’s greed. As usual however, it is not the most greedy that are paying the biggest price…

Israel and Judah were called to be beacons of God’s light and love in a world of violence and greed. They failed and judgement followed. Their calling is now ours, Christians, children of light, his church, in a world of violence and greed. There are many battlegrounds for us. In a time of economic hardship, crippling debt and uncertain futures, maybe we should model a simpler lifestyle and from our church communities provide networks of support. In a world of violence, we should maintain our giving to those charities which seek to help the poor, encourage fair trade, mop up after wars, and rebuild shattered communities.

And Amos’ calling to speak out a word of warning to those who are responsible for violence and greed is ours as well. And like Amos we speak primarily to our own people, our own nation and ourselves.


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