Fred, Dalila and an internet proposal

So, Fred wants to marry Dalila, so what does he do? Start a viral internet and social media campaign to persuade her (Twitter #SayYesD, Aparrently Dalila has difficulty making decisions!

What I like about this:

1. Marriage – it is great and it shows commitment and love. Spending the rest of your like with someone isn’t easy but is very regarding with a bit of dedication and hard work. People wanting to get married and commit to another person wholeheartedly should be encouraged and applauded.

2. Who one married used to be a question for the whole family, maybe even the wider community. Getting the opinion of friends and family on whether you have made a good choice is an excellent idea.

3. Fred has thought long and hard about what he likes about Dalila. This is some sort of love letter expressing his feelings.

What I don’t like about this:

1. Come on Fred – you don’t need a gimmick or a jumbo tron. Just take her somewhere nice and ask her – to her face.

2. We all know that popular opinion can be fickle, untrustworthy and ridiculous (look at Big Brother and a host of other reality TV programmes). Get advice from people you trust, not a random collection of strangers.

3. The medium is the message – we are used to seeing advertisements for things that we don’t need or that promise more than they can deliver. Is Fred reducing marriage to the consumerist level?

3. If she reallys needs this much persuading, perhaps it is not a good idea to get married. Perhaps she needs time not pestering.

My Advice:

Dalila – Only say yes if you actually love him. Get advice from close friends and family, not internet strangers (!).


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