Ken Costa on spiritual hunger.

god-at-work-bookA quote from Ken Costa in his book, God At Work.

There is a new intensity in the search of values and a meaningful way of life. The surge in spiritual hunger, particularly among young people, has increased, and the institutional church has largely found itself unable to provide the necessary food. So many people’s search continues with out guidance – ‘undirected’. With in the church, the ‘official guides’ are taken up in a distracting internal agenda of their own relating to the role of women, sexuality and other parochial agendas, debates that seem irrelevant to most. For many, therefore, this undirected search merely leads into the dead ends of contemporary fads.

There is a spiritualuty that people are seeking that goes beyond the mere materialist (in this sense modern scientific thinking of the 20th century has failed). Yet strangely, the church on the whole doesn’t seem equipped to meet them and help them along the way. The church simply guides those who happen to come to us. Movements like fresh expressions are gathering momentum – many of them are really engaging with the communities in which they are set in contemporary ways.


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