Labour smear at Easter

Who would want to be a politician, or even a political advisor? Damian McBride, on of Gordon Brown’s political advisors, has today resigned after a private email which he exchanged with another advisor became known and published by a political blogger. The email contained suggestions as to how they could ‘smear’ the reputations of Conservative MPs. He resigned as soon as it became out in the open.

This was certainly an underhand and immoral thing to do. And it is interesting to note that he only resigned when his actions became public – the crime is in getting caught, not in doing it in the first place! But the real trouble is that we expect our politicians to be above reproach, even perfect. In some of them, this only encourages an external appearance of goodness whilst trying to hide everything else beneath the surface, so they won’t be caught. The real truth is that no-one is perfect, so in one sense, why should we expect our politicians to be? When we try to win approval by living by some external code, all of us will fail, whether we are caught or not.

This is why Easter is so wonderful. God has recognised that all of us will fail if we try to live up to a moral standard on our own. Even if we try very hard, we will not achieve even our own standards, let alone God’s. However, in Jesus, God has enabled that moral standard to be fulfilled for us. His life was lived perfectly. His death was not for any crime that he had committed. And his resurrection shows us that the ultimate final act of life, death, is overcome. God has shown us that resurrection is another way to live.

When we acknowledge that we cannot be perfect on our own merits, Jesus steps in, accepts us as we are, and allows us to live through his perfection. The resurrection opens us up to us a new way of living. The old way of having to prove ourselves and to appear to be above reproach is beaten, and out of it rises the freedom to live a life without fear and with confidence in God’s approval through Jesus.

Christ is Risen. Death is Defeated. God has accepted us. Happy Easter.


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