Phil Scolari Sacked at Chelsea

Chelsea have sensationally sacked manager Luiz Felipe Scolari.

The club’s website revealed the dramatic move had been made “to maintain a challenge for the trophies we are still competing for”.

World Cup winner Scolari had only been in the job since June 2008, when he became Chelsea’s third boss in a year.

Chelsea are fourth in the Premier League but remain in the Champions League and FA Cup – with Ray Wilkins in charge until a successor is appointed.

“Luiz Felipe Scolari has been dismissed as manager of Chelsea Football Club with immediate effect,” read the statement. “The Chelsea board would like to place on record our gratitude for his time as manager.

“Felipe has brought many positives to the club since he joined and we all feel a sense of sadness that our relationship has ended so soon.

“Unfortunately the results and performances of the team appeared to be deteriorating at a key time in the season.

via BBC SPORT | Football | My Club | Chelsea | Scolari sacked as Chelsea manager.

Yet another football manager sacked  – Scolari was the 7th (?) premier league manager of the season who only had about 8 months in charge.  It comes on the same day as Tony Adams being sacked at Portsmouth after only about 3 months and 16 games. I know that Premiership football is a high money high pressure business, but clubs are surely acting to their own detriment in sacking so quickly.

I wonder, does it reflect our instant reward society – the inability to stick at things in favour of a quick short term boost or more short term happiness? We rarely do slow food in favour of fast food. We don’t stick with one relationship partner very long any more. Although we increasingly don’t like instant coffee, we still want it quickly. Time and committment seems to be waining.

What people don’t realise that happiness and peace stem from longer term stable relationships, whether in the world of work or in personal lives.


One thought on “Phil Scolari Sacked at Chelsea”

  1. Reblogged this on On Living and commented:

    This is worth a reblog today as we see yet another Chelsea manager sacked after not enough time to settle in. Long term and stable is better than instant reward with persistent instability!

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