Joshua 2

Chapter 2 of Joshua begins with two spies being sent to check out the status of the first walled city that they come to – Jericho. This seems like a throwback to Moses’ spying out of the promised land back in Numbers, when Joshua and Caleb were the only faithful spies. Even though God had promised this land and this city to the Israelites, some prior research was required, and Joshua was not afraid to wait on God’s provision whilst this research is carried out.

Once inside the city, we see an example of faith in what God can do from the most unlikely source. Rahab is not only non-Israelite, she is a prostitute. Yet her confidence in God’s power after hearing what He had done for them leads her to help the spies and consequently to be spared by the invading army and welcomed into God’s community when they eventually arrive. (v8-14) This is an early sign that God always intended to save the even unexpected people, good or bad, Jew or Gentile, through faith.


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