Joshua and Leadership 1

Just starting to read Joshua in my quiet times every morning, and I thought I’d blog my way through it.

Chapter 1 – Joshua has just been appointed as the leader of Israel following Moses’ death – Joshua was one of the two faithful spies, along with Caleb, who spied out the promised land back in Numbers 13 (the other 10 distrusting the promise of God). They are the only two of the original generation of Hebrews who left Egypt to enter the promised land.

Joshua takes over with the exhortation to:

  • be strong and courageous (v7)
  • act in accordance with all the law of Moses (v7) – he is told that this will give success
  • Meditate upon the book of the law (v8 ) – this is most probably the Torah (Genesis to Deuteronomy). The exhortation is not merely to follow it, but to let the law inhabit or infuse into him

And there is a reminder that  the Lord God, Yahweh the God of Israel will be with him at all times (v9)

Joshua’s leadership is following on from Moses. He is picking up where Moses left off, being commissioned by God like Moses, and the people respect him like Moses. I think the key to this chapter is the balance between the promise of God’s presence – ‘The Lord is with you’, and the encouragement to meditation on the law. The promise is secure – God’s presence will be with them, but my meditating on God’s law, his presence and guidance will be more real to them. This balance of a secure knowledge of God’s presence with a discipline in seeking out his guidance is the beginning of good leadership.


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