Whilst telling her about an interview for a job that a firend is about to go on next week, a Christian lady said to me, with a very serious expression on her face:

‘if she’s meant to get it, she’ll get it”.

Initially I thought this was just a little simplistic, and one of those quick comment to help someone feel better, but on second thinking, I wonder if it reveals a fatalistic outlook to life.  It reveals a thought  that everything that happens is somehow supposed to – that we’re just in a gigantic game of dice, awaiting what comes to us. I disagree. Not all thinks are meant to happen.

Rom 8:28 says “in all things, God works for the good of those who love him.” Saying that God works through all situations is not the same as saying that all situations are meant to happen. Life is a complex mixture of free choice and God’s guidance. In His love he lets us make decisions for ourselves, they may not be the best for us, but also in His love, he lets us go through with them and learn from our mistakes. In these things, God works for good, though they may not be meant to happen.

The Bible gives us a picture of the world as it should be (Rev 21-22). In it, there are no broken relationships, there is no pain or hurt. Everyone can become fully who they are supposed to be. This picture jarrs with our current experience of life which is broken and unfulfilled. In current experiences, many things happen that are not meant to. Yet it is the picture, not current life, which is a more accurate representation of how life should be. It is meant to happen. In the meantime, we wait, and hope, and work for good, often getting things wrong, but learning from it. We are not pawns in a great cosmic game, but with God’s help can begin to live our aspects of how life is meant to be. But that is our free will. In the meantime, we see glimpses of a world as it should be, but know that it will not be fully revealed until God’s intervention.


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