Christians respond in the bus campaign


Following on from adverts being placed by atheists on buses in London and Washington, in DC some Christians have decided to launch a pro-God campaign of their own.

from AdFreak:

“My name is JoEllen. After a friend forwarded me an article about the AHA ad campaign, I thought, ‘Enough!’ I am so tired of God and religion being attacked that I decided to start a counter ad campaign.”

If it gets people to think, I guess it’s a good thing. The original atheist adverts on London buses were responding to advertisements for the alpha course, which gives a short introduction to the claims of the Christian faith. Alpha adverts pointed the reader to a website which lists the churches which are running the course. This advert does not direct you anywhere.

Interesting, but maybe money could have been used better. God doesn’t really need advertising. He’s managed without it for ages. There is really no substitute for the witness that comes out of a genuine Christian friendship – this is how people have become Christians for centuries – one friend telling another, telling another etc.


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