The New Deadly Sins

I just read this piece about some Gary Glitter tracks being removed from the sylabus of GCSE school exams. Glitter was convicted for charges relating to child porn, and the schools were worried about what their pupils would find if they googled his name, so thay asked for his music to be removed from the sylabus. Sounds right to me.

But this got me thinking about sin. It used to be that there were seven so called deadly sins – pride, lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, anger and envy. Now, some of those acts are held up as virtues. Many ‘sins’ thought to be unacceptable in previous generations are now not considered to be too bad. It used to be that adultery was a dire sin, but now if a relationship isn’t making you happy, it is excusable to ditch it for another one.  It used to be that greed was unacceptable, but now, as Michael Douglas famously said in the film Wall Street, greed is good. (Actually, now with the credit crunch people are finding the true nature of debt, perhaps greed is bad again). Lying, too, is seen as ok if the need is great enough. But there are some that we still think are unacceptable, and Glitter’s crimes are at the tope of the list. Are Paedophiliia, murder, and anything done against children the only deadly sins that remain?


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