Doubting and Faith

Scot McKnight talks about doubt and faith by reviewing Alistair McGraths book Doubting. [Update 25/04/13: Unfortunately Scot McKnights old blog post is no longer available.] How do we deal with doubt when it comes and how might we  avoid it? Scot’s main points are:

(1) Know your faith: … The most powerful defense then is education. Read the scripture daily; read solid scholarly Christian literature (this blog is a good source of suggestions); read books that stimulate you to think about the content of the faith. A more reasoned faith with deep roots can be defended and shared. A “Sunday School” sophistication is not enough…

(2) Keep it in perspective: Nothing in the Christian story suggests that the Christian life is easy. … Jesus calls us to take up our cross and follow.

(3) Appreciate the importance of support: in isolation we waver and fall all too often. Go to church, worship and study in community. Search out community and be persistent… Be a church that makes support a priority.

(4) Develop spiritual discipline and make it a priority. Read books that stimulate thought about prayer, worship, devotion (Thomas a Kempis, Brother Lawrence, Dallas Willard, …). Pray and worship without fail, from the head and the heart — and from the head even when it is hard to make it from the heart.

(5) Face questions and concerns head on, with study and, if possible, in the support of community.

(6) Don’t be afraid of change – your faith should change and grow as it matures in understanding and depth in the great traditions of orthodox Christianity.

Jesus Creed » Doubt: RJS.


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