Leadership in postmodern society

networked relationships
networked relationships

From a talk by Jonny Baker. Image from smallritual.org. The underlying assumption is that top down hierarchical structures are on their way out, so leadership needs to reflect that change in society. This is about church leadership, but there’s no reasons why the principles may not work elsewhere.

  1. Environmentalist. Leaders are there to create the culture/DNA of the organisation through which things happen -set the core values. (e.g. a culture of participation, use of gifts etc)
  2. Catalyst. The leader is a peer, someone who is trusted, and inspiration. He/She is the person who lets go and gets other people moving – a catlyst to events. There is trust in the community
  3. Guardian of the Ethos. The one who looks after the DNA, values, and vision of the community, continually reminds the community of these in order to keep in on the right track.
  4. Faithful Improviser. (From NT Wright New Testament and the People of God) Our calling is to improvise faithfully in the gap between Christ’s first and second comings. He left very few rules, but some teaching and an ethos within which to experiment.

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