As you can see one of the plants has recovered after it’s cat incident. I transplanted it into a new pot with new soil. The leaves that the cat had chewed off are still visible, but there are new leaves coming in at the top (slightly lighter green). The apple tree is is now being kept safely out of the cat’s reach. The other plant is still alive but struggling after it spent a few days on the floor without any soil.


4 thoughts on “AppleCam”

  1. yes those darling moggies!
    it’s the fur balls they are trying to throw up that makes them eat green things.
    my cat eats my lemon grass plant –
    the other one loves banana peal/avos/pawpaw – he’s a street special one day old survivor – got quite a few odd behavioural patterns – had no mother or sibblings to socialize him into cat culture
    how long do you need to wait before you get to eat apples from your tree?!

  2. I’m no expert – I simply planted 6 seeds from some store-bought apples. A website I looked at said that 6 out of ten 10 seeds would sprout, and maybe only about a third of those would produce apples after 3 years! It certainly isn’t instant gain!

    We had 3 of the 6 seeds sprout, of which there is now just one healthy plant, cat withstanding!

  3. I planted one seed, it came up.. I then planted a second seed, it too came up.. Since then, the second one is still with me; the first got sick.

  4. Since this photo, the apple tree remained alive but stopped growing. I put it outside a few days ago but it hasn’t revived. However, I was bought a 3 feet tall tree from the garden centre for a birthday present, and it is currently covered in blossom.

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