Preaching Jesus

Notes from the Dwell UK session by Mark Driscoll, 12th July 2008, at St Paul’s Church, Robert Adam St. London.

Session 5: Preaching Jesus

Everything is about Jesus. If we talk about Jesus then our congregation will. During 1 to 1 talks, groups, preaching -> everything is about Jesus. So how do we preach about Jesus well?

Driscoll uses some framing questions to guide him in his preparation.

  1. What does the original text say (do Hebrew and Greek work if you can)
  2. What did it mean in that culture, then, when it was written [this will start to guide us as to what it means now]
  3. How can it be memorable –  The sermon needs a hook to hang itself on. This could be a doctrine, a theological issue, an emotion, an image, a character study etc.
  4. Answer possible objections to the point as these will be going on in the minds of our hearers. Why do we resist what the passage is saying? Engage in apologetics over the point.
  5. Why does it matter?  – What is the missional approach? This is not just about a personal application, but why does it matter to our community now. Church is a witness of real community to the city – are we preaching a false gospel by how we live?
  6. How is Jesus the hero? How does this sermon witness to Jesus through the passage. This will quietly train people to be evangelistic.

Teach and preach in such a way that everything is about Jesus.

But how do we find Jesus in more obscure parts of the Old Testament?

  • forshadowing – OT prophecies directly about Jesus
  • Christophenes – Jesus showing up as the Angel of the LORD in the OT
  • Types of Jesus – e.g. Adam, priesthood, David and the kings, Prophets, sacrifices, Temple, shepherd, Judges, Bread, Vine, Light
  • A Service that an OT character performs that Jesus does perfectly – e.g. Isaac laying the wood for his own sacrifice.
  • OT Events – passover, exodus, exile
  • Titles For God – e.g Son of God, King of Kings, etc.

Careful not to turn OT stories into moralising or simply stories of superheroes. The big idea is to tell people about Jesus. It it’s about Jesus it is good, even if other things about it are not good!

One other thing Driscoll said that I liked:

Until you’ve preached, like, 200 times, don’t worry that you’re not any good at it.


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