I just read this on a gardening website:

Can I plant and grow an Apple tree from Seed
The simple answer is yes, but…….

The ‘yes’ is because you can plant an apple tree seed and there is probably a 30% chance of it germinating and growing to full size. That means if you plant 10 apple seeds you are likely to get around 3 which grow. You can select the healthiest of the three and let it grow to full size.

The ‘but…’ is that you will have to wait for 6 to years to find out if it will produce edible apples – the chance of it producing an edible apple is about 5%. The chance of it being even remotely a tasty edible apple is very, very small. It certainly will not resemble the apple from which the pip came. This is because modern apple trees are a cross between two or more varieties. Further, you will not know which apple tree pollinated the one you have.

Ah well… lets just continue and see what happens.


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