Weekly roundup – preaching, whales, and gaming

It’s been a blog-light week as I’ve been away at a conference – we’re hoping to set up a parenting course in the church for all those who feel that some tips might be useful. Other churches have found this to be a good way to serve the community in a practical way.

Anyway, I read a good article on preaching – how much should or can a preacher take as inspiration from another preacher, or should a sermon be all his own work? Scott McKnight wrote a great piece in response to this article on Christianity today.

I saw a lovely moment from nature on the BBC website – a Beluga whale gave birth in Vancouver aquarium in front of many tourists. The BBC video (here) is probably a bit clearer, but here’s a different one from the same incident on youtube.

And if you like retro games, neave.com has a whole selection including one of my favourites that I used to play on my BBC microcomputer – Frogger.


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