Starbucks and Christians

Starbucks Seattle

First, a photo that I took in Seattle of the first ever Starbucks coffee shop. We didn’t go in – there’s better coffee at Top Pot and a host of independent places.

But here’s something I came across on the BBC news website.

Starbucks A group of Christians want Starbucks to ditch their new logo on the left) because it looks too slutty. They think the two-tailed mermaid has is in a compromising position. Did I mention its a mermaid?

This is the sort of thing why Christians aren’t taken seriously – over-obsessing with pointless bugbears that bear no relevance to anything and that look like they’re spoiling other peoples fun, rather than truly engaging with culture in order to help people know God.

How does protesting about a coffee shop logo share the love of Jesus?


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