Latte Art

latte art

On our travels we visited what seemed to be the coffee capital of the world – Portland and Seattle on the west coast of the USA. These towns are full of independent coffeeshops, with individual atmospheres – there are also loads of chain coffeshops like Starbucks, which started in Seattle, but we didn’t go in any of those.

One thing we loved, apart from the great coffee was the Latte Art. This is the process of drawing a picture into any steamed milk based coffee simply by carefully pouring the steamed milk over the espresso. There’s a video of a barista from a coffee shop in Chicago here. We were quite impressed at the designs they came out with. It was almost a shame to drink the coffee. I say almost, because, it was great coffee. (best mocha I’ve ever tasted at Stumptown Coffee Roasters in the Belmont district or Portland, OR. Their standard americanos and filter coffees are great too)

It is certainly transitory art – why all this effort for a bit of art that will be gone in 20 minutes. We got thinking that God must love this – taking pride and being creative for something that will be gone so soon. We loved it too. An equivalent mught be the story of the cleaner who makes an effort to sweep the floor under the mat in a room where nobody goes. God notices, and these things add colour and flavour to the world. Keep it up independent coffee shops of the north west!


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