Mormon missionaries

There has been a number of mormon missionaries hanging around the shopping centre of my town over the last few months – young boys from Utah sent across the Atlantic to talk about Mormonism to passers by in the shopping centre. I’ve spoken to one on a couple of occasions for a couple of reasons. Firstly to engage with them by trying to discredit the book of mormon – the fact that it just appeared on some plates which came out of the sky is troubling, and there is no evidence to show where it came from, and the plates no longer exist. And secondly becuase, if the missionaries are talking to me, then they’re not talking to someone else.

Their whole premise of discerning whether Mormonism is true is to read the Book or Mormon, and then pray to God if it was true or not. They were quite confident that God would show us that it was.

Last night at our (Christian) church, I met a young guy who had come to church for the first time – never been to church before. A few months ago he met one of these mormon missionaries on the street and decided to try out the mormon church for a few weeks. I guess he did exactly what the mormon missionaries had asked him to do – to try it out and ask God if it was true. Well, he decided it wasn’t, came to church for the first time in his life, and is now exploring the Christian faith for himself. Wonderful. Thanks mormons for being the first step in his path towards God!


7 thoughts on “Mormon missionaries”

  1. Isn’t it great that the Mormons decided to let this young man choose? That’s exactely what the missionairies are doing out there…offering a message and letting folks decide for themselves. BTW, The Book of Mormon is also another testament of Jesue Christ…it leads one to Christ and his teachings, thus making Mormons Christian. You said above the Missionaries were quite confident that God would show the truth of the Book of Mormon for those who read and ponder it’s message. The other half of that message is that the person who reads it, does so with an open heart and with faith in the Lord.

  2. Hi guys. thanks for commenting.
    William – if we could not place the events of the Bible into a historical context, it would not make it any less true, but having the historical context sure helps, doesn’t it! It means we can examine our faith with intellectual credibility.

    Steve, again thanks for posting. It is great that the Mormons let this guy choose for himself, but, short of kidnapping, what else could they have done? Eveyone needs to decide for themselves.
    I’m also going to have to disagree with you on calling Mormons Christians. There are fundamental doctrinal differences between Mormonism and orthodox (small ‘o’) Christianity. They do believe in Jesus Christ, but not as an eternal trinitarian part of the Godhead. They see the Trinity as three separate gods.
    Secondly, the Bible is clear that salvation is a free gift achieved for us through Christ’s atoning sacrifice. Mormonism teaches that there is a personal ‘works’ can effect aspects of salvation. This website gives a quick summary of some of the differences :

    In the end, I just don’t believe that the book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. I do not see that it is scripture.

    Thanks for posting!

  3. I find it very interesting that your definition of being a Christian is to believe in sectarian doctrines brought about by the Nicene Creed in the fourth century AD rather than believing in Christ. Read John 17 and ask yourself, why is Jesus talking to himself? He isn’t but is talking to his father a distinct and separate being.

  4. Jay, thanks for stopping by.
    First of all let me assert unequivocally that it is God who judges, not me – he knows who real Christians are, whereas I may be wrong!

    The Nicene creed merely formulated what the early Christians already believed about Jesus. I could answer that in more detail, but before I do, let me ask you a question….

    You say that one simply needs to ‘believe in Christ’. But do we not have to determine who he is that we are believing in? If I believed in Christ but said that he was a spaceman from the future who had fallen through a time hole into 1st century Israel, would that still make me a Christian? Surely what we believe about Christ is also important, as well as believing in him.

  5. The Book of Mormon is not considered scripture by any non-LDS Christians. I do not consider it to be God’s Word.

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