You can’t take it with you

I came across a funny story from Reuters News

BERLIN (Reuters) – A German man was such an avid collector of weapons and other paraphernalia that he ran out of space at home and had to sleep in a hotel, neighbors said following the 71-year-old’s death.

Executors found an arsenal of weaponry and assorted goods at the man’s two-story home in the western city of Aachen, police said on Wednesday.

“There were 71 guns — one for each year of his life,” said police spokesman Paul Kemen. “He also had 41 cases of ammunition and five walking sticks fitted with retractable blades.”

Heiner Hautermans, a reporter at the Aachener Nachrichten paper, said neighbors related how the man, who lived alone, collected everything from clothing to garden tools and watches.

“The house was stuffed to the rafters,” he said. “By the end, the neighbors said he had to sleep in a hotel sometimes because there was no more room.”

One neighbor sometimes handled up to 14 deliveries of goods a day for the man when he was out, he added. “At some point she got fed up with it.”

No heirs have yet been found for the man, police said.

I can’t help but being reminded of the parable of the rich fool in the gospel of Luke. There’s nothing wrong with collecting things, although in this case it meant that he couldn’t live in his own house, which is surely going too far. Earthy security is one thing, but don’t we all have an eternal secutirty to think about too? When we die we have to leave all that we have collected behind. It stays here to be passed on to our family and friends. The parable of the rich fool goes on to talk about being rich towards God. As this is something that will exist after death, maybe this is where the majority of my attention should be.

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