A puzzling bit of the Bible – Exodus 4

I’m following a Bible reading plan that helps you get through the Bible in a year – never done it before and I’m already a bit behind, bt I suppose the important thing is getting through it rather than the pace!

Anyway, I was reading Exodus a few days ago and came across the part of Exodus I’ve never really noticed before – God has just appeared to Moses in the burning bush – very dramatic – and commissioned him to go back to Egypt, to be God’s mouthpiece and to lead the Hebrews out of slavery. Moses is just on his way, when we get to 4:24-26.

“At a lodging place on the way, God met Moses and was about to kill him”. (Ex 4:24)

I guess God is holding Moses to the same standards that he was about to judge Pharaoh with, requiring him to dedicate his whole family to God through circumcision. Circumcision was the covenant sign, a symbol of putting away all that is pleasing to God. That said, the incident confuses me still… it certainly is another puzzling bit…


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