Christian environmentalists, putting time and money where their mouth is.

Some friends of mine, who are Christians, have a heart for looking after the environment. Today, they are featured in the UK newspaper, The Times, for bucking the trend amongst young people. When given an fairly large inheritance from a family member, instead of ploughing the money into a deposit for a house – which would have been their first step on the difficult-to-get-on housing ladder –  they bought a woodland near Rye in Sussex,. Mike gve up is well-paid job in software engineering to work for an environmental charity, and they moved 100 miles so they could look after their wood and enjoy it. Now they spend most of their spare time coppicing and doing things in the woodland to manage it.

They have a blog, Peplers In Rye, where they share what they are doing, and share some of the wonders of enjoying God’s creation through caring for the natural world. It’s well worth a read.


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