Is objective evidence for God possible?

I remember talking to a friend of mine, a scientific athiest, over lunch a few years ago in the canteen of the office I used to work at. We’d been debating for years questions of religion – about whether God exists, how we know he exists, how he acts in the world, how the world was made, and so on – questions like that involving science and religion.

We’d been doing this for years. I’d used all my best arguments but still he wasn’t convinced.

Finally I asked him “Do you want this to be true? Do you want God to exist?”

This threw him a little. But then he said, honestly, “No, I don’t – If God existed it would mess up my nice neat plan about how the universe works. I don’t want that to be messed up”

If we don’t want to see God, we won’t, no matter how good the evidence. If we don’t want to find about about him, we will not let ourselves be convinced. We always have to be subjective in our efforts to find truth.


2 thoughts on “Is objective evidence for God possible?”

  1. That’s an interesting discussion you have there. I will post on it soon – I’m currently thinking about what I want to say!

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