David Jackman on evangelism

David Jackman writes in “The Authentic Church” (his commentary on the letters to the Thessalonians), about whole-hearted evangelism. The comments are taken from his commentary on 1 Thess 2:1-16.

“When the correctness of what we say becomes more important than the nurture of those who hear us, they are not as dear to us as they ought to be”

“Spreading the gospel is not spraying large numbers at arms’ length with a diluted solution of the message, like insecticide on roses. New Testament evangelism is loving friendship that shares the life as well as the message… If we want to be remote from people, we have chosen the wrong religion. Christ’s servants wash people;s feet, they are devoted to fellowship. It is about sharing our lives as a way of introducing our Lord, and both our speech and our actions are vital” (p62-3)

This makes evangelism easier, in that we don’t all need to fit into a pre-described methodology, and harder, in that it requires genuine love and sacrificial service of God and others.


One thought on “David Jackman on evangelism”

  1. Thanks for the link and info about other airport prayer rooms. I haven’t done much international travel. and i’ve just not heard of this before. pretty interesting either way, especially that certain services are held.

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